Lost in Translation

Yesterday there was quite a lively debate among our followers. As I reading through most of it I was so happy to see the exchange of beliefs and ideas. It came from a post saying God’s Word is not going to change for different generations. And it isn’t.
There was some mention of certain translations being the only true Word. I read several translations including Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew. I love the NIV. But I don’t cling to it like Jesus personally handed it to me. I think it’s important to note that King James Version came way down the line after Jesus walked the earth. And it was basically King James deciding he didn’t like the Geneva Version. (And there were several versions before the Geneva.) And he brought together his own group of “experts” to do so. Think about it, what if a U.S. President said, I don’t like these versions of the bible everyone is using. I’m going to be making a Biden version or a Trump version? Would that be well received? By some, yes. By others, not so much. But what if they said it was the only version we could freely use? That’s sort of what happened with King James.
Listen, I have a KJV. It’s not my favorite.  I don’t look down on people who use it. But I also don’t insist that the other versions I prefer are “the only true Word of God.”
The new testament as we know it today was written several decades after Jesus walked the earth. And it was translated from mostly Arameic. The original manuscripts looked something like the photo above. And the Bible has been translated so many times into many different languages. And honestly, things do get lost in translation. So, I think it’s necessary to read and compare different translations. And then draw a line prayerfully back to the original words used, the Arameic (that Jesus spoke), and also the Greek and Hebrew. Jesus also quoted the Bible He grew up with several times in the new testament. It’s the Jewish Septaguint. It’s important to understand that the Bible you’re holding has been translated into the language you speak by qualified scholars and theologians. And that hopefully, they did their best work. But it is irresponsible to believe that there is no reason to be open minded to reading original manuscripts and comprehending prayerfully for yourself.

God bless,

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