Eyes Fixed on Him

Be careful that you haven’t made Satan into a deity. He isn’t a God. He isn’t omnipotent, omniscient, etc. He can’t hear your thoughts. He can’t read your mind. He isn’t everywhere. He isn’t God’s equal or even a worthy opponent.

About 5 years ago, I realized that the enemy had a position in my life that was absurd. As 2018 began I sat down and wrote a blog post about it. I didn’t realize at that time the direction my theology was heading but looking back now it was the beginning of God opening my eyes.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I “rebuked the devil”. It’s no longer a part of my vocabulary. It’s probably been almost 5 years since I said anything of the sort. I don’t blame all my shortcomings on the enemy. I don’t make him the scapegoat because things aren’t going my way.

And I believe that it’s brought a refreshing perspective and a greater sense of accountability to my spiritual life.

And this next part is gonna sound a little strange and perhaps you’re not ready for it but honestly, Satan doesn’t really exist in my life. He’s not important. If my life is a movie, he’s the extra that walks by during a crucial scene and you don’t even remember what he looks like.

Does he exist? Yes, I believe he does. But the whole point of my relationship with Jesus is that Satan’s existence is not my problem. I walk in the light and Jesus deals with my enemies. I believe there’s a protection that comes with this relationship. I also believe that anything that makes its way to me can only do so if it passes through God’s hands.

So, actually, whatever I have to walk through is something God allowed. And the only power Satan has is whatever permission God has given him and whatever power I give to the enemy myself.

Do I pray for God’s hand and protection over myself and loved ones? Yes, of course. But I don’t acknowledge Satan at all in my everyday life. And the day I made the decision to do so changed my entire spiritual walk.

I’ve definitely had some hard days and a few difficult seasons since I made that decision but instead of speaking that the devil was at play, I simply spoke to God about what He wanted me to take away from the experience.

I’m not fighting the devil. I’m not concerned that he will carry out some evil plan against me. I won’t even entertain the thought.

I guess he probably still runs his mouth or does whatever he’s allowed to do but I don’t speak to him and I don’t speak about him unless it’s in this manner. The enemy doesn’t have any significance in my life.

Why would he? Why would I choose Jesus and then exhaust myself with the devil’s nonsense?

I’m walking this road with a God who goes before me and behind me. If God wants me to walk through something there isn’t anything I can do but grab His hand and go. It might not be easy. It might hurt. But it’s the way things are designed.

I’d just like to encourage you to prayerfully think about this concept.

Every detail of my life, every struggle is between me and God. I have my eyes permanently fixed on Him.

The rest is just noise. He holds all things and controls all things.

And if we don’t believe that…what in the world are we doing professing to trust in Him and put our lives in His hands?

God bless you on your journey.
My inbox is open.
πŸ’œπŸ™- Cassie

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