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Do you need a Speaker for your Women’s Event?

I feel a strong calling to encourage other women and to share the healing I have found in relationship with Jesus. After being suddenly widowed at age 24, my life was left in pieces. Thankfully, I was a Christian, a young, naive Christian, but I knew Jesus. Still, I had never had to walk out something so devastating. Suddenly a young widow with a young child; I knew in order to heal I would need to cling to the Lord like never before. I also knew if He had allowed it, there was a reason. I knew I might not get all the answers during my earthly life but I knew He would reveal His truth, love, and purpose for the new direction of my life. And He did…

It is my humble honor to glorify God for all He has done in my life, since that life altering experience and still over a decade later it is my heart’s desire to point hurting hearts to Christ and share what He has done in my life.

Love in Christ,


Also, I love hearing from my followers. Feel free to email me if I’ve encouraged you in any way! Have a blessed day! 💜

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